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"In a world of contrasts represented by either complete non-regulation or stuffy over-regulation by self-appointed industry "Guardians", The HEART Coaching Collective provides the common sense approach to regulation of the Coaching Industry." 
Christopher & Lindsay Jones, Founders
HEART Coaching Collective
  • Creating a set of standards that unifies the Coaching Industry in line with what's best FOR the Coaching Industry.
  • Created by Coaches, for Coaches. This means that we are not in line with standards designed for Psychologists and Therapists.
  • Regulation without the outdated, stuffy standards associated with current accreditation schemes.
Requirements For Membership
HEART Coaching Collective membership certifies that a Coach or Coaching Organization has obtained and operates at a standard of practice that uplifts and empowers.
Support Systems 
Membership to the Collective is not just about maintaining standards. Offering an intricate support network for Member Coaches to create true unity in Global Coaching.
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Choosing a HEART Coaching Collective certified Coach or Coaching Organization guarantees that you are choosing to work with the best in the industry.
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